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Poetry audio?


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I'm starting to compile my list of resources I'd like for next school year, and one thing I think I'd like is poetry read aloud on audio (online, mp3, cd). We've really enjoyed getting our read-alouds in with audio books this year, and I think poetry might happen more often and with better quality if we got some audio versions.


Anyone use poetry on audio? Anyone have favorites?

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Poetry Speaks to Children is a great starting point. The CD doesn't have as many poems as the book, but most are read by the authors, and overall it's really wonderful.


There's also "Poetry Speaks", which is longer and has adult-oriented poetry (not necessarily inappropriate for kids, just not kid-oriented).


A Child's Introduction to Poetry is a decent book, but I wasn't bowled over by the readers they chose, unfortunately. It's not bad -- I just don't love it.


You can get Andrew Pudewa reading all of the poems in his Linguistic Development Through Poetry Memorization book. I think it's a great program, but overpriced. Used might be a good option.

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Poetry Speaks to Children


A Child's Introduction to Poetry (there is also a hip-hop version)


Julie Andrews Collection of Poems, Songs, and Lullabies (You get the cd with the book, so I wouldn't buy a separate audio.)


Shel Silverstein is on audio also. DC love it. He reads it all himself and it is truly excellent.


I know we have more. I'll post them later if I remember them...or I'll go look on my iPod when I get a chance. (It's in use with the kids right now.)


ETA: Also check Librivox. Oh, and A Child's Garden of Songs is good. Robert Louis Stevenson's poetry set to music. Also, since your oldest two are boys, I'm going to recommend Be Glad Your Nose Is on Your Face. The book is great and some of the poetry is included on an accompanying cd, set to music.

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