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Do I go to the doc or do I cancel?

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So, I have been sick for a little over a week. By the weekend, I had terrible sinus headaches, so much so that I couldn't stand noise, couldn't read, etc. So, yesterday morning, I made an appt. to see the doctor. But, as the day went on, the sinus pressure abated. I haven't needed sinus meds nor ibuprofen in over 24 hours. I'm still draining, but I definitely feel like I have finally turned the corner. I was able to walk the dog for an hour this morning.


Should I keep this appt. or not? What sayeth the hive?

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If there is a fever, I would go, if not, stay home..sounds like your body is fighting it but why expose yourself to more junk when your body is working hard...that being said, I am finally going to the urologist for persistent kidney pain after two weeks, sigh, sometimes our bodies need help :) feel better! Walking the dogs is a good step!

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If it was me, I'd cancel it.


But I hate going to the dr. unnecessarily.


A bit TMI to follow:


Moose started with a cold last Tuesday. Tuesday and Wed., he had a low fever. Thursday started the first of four days of green snot. He was doing good, other than the gross congestion. His lethargy left with his fever. I let him fight it out his own, keeping a close eye on his fluids so he didn't get dehydrated. His appetite returned slowly, as did his energy.


Yesterday evening was the first nose blow with clear snot. Now, I'm pretty sure if I had taken him in on day 3 of green snot, I could've gotten him a script. But I really wanted him to fight this one himself, if he could manage. It was a full week, but he did it.


If you think you've 'turned a corner', I think you're safe to cancel. And you can always go in tomorrow if you take a turn for the worse, you know? JMO.

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I never know when I absolutely have to go to the doc--UGH LOL kiddo went to the doc friday and he had bronchitis and croup--went back today and dr was surprised it wasn't pneumonia by the way he sounded-so he has a very bad case of bronchitis....I've been feeling cruddy about as long as he's been sick--no fever as far as I can tell....but my head/sinus areas are killing me and I just 'feel' like I have an infection-just called and made my appt for tomorrow (can't go today because don't have car in afternoons)---if you don't have fever and actually feel better I would cancel-

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