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Gift suggests for 5 and 2 year old girls

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Ok, I posted something similar last year, and the advice was great, but need some help again.


Close friends of ours have two daughters - one turning 5 and one turning 2 next month. Consideration #1: they live in a tiny 2 bedroom condo in an urban area and just don't have room for big stuff or outdoor toys. Complication #2: Youngest has Williams Syndrome with several developmental delays, so its tough to know what is appropriate. Last year I got a music CD and playsilks, and for Christmas I got her a music toy. Older daughter got the game Hisss for Christmas which she loves (and which parent's loves because it takes up very little space). The older girl attends Montessori school, is a sharp cookie, and not a super girly girl if that helps. The family's main activity is travelling - they lived in Europe and went everywhere with baby in tow and now take a variety of plane and car trips in the US. We see them about once a year, but they live across the country so its tough to see what fits.


I'm totally stumped this year! Need lots of ideas.

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a play dough kit to share?


play dough recipe

ingredients (in a ziploc bag that will be used to store finished dough)

cookie cutters

small piece of plastic pipe or dowel for rolling dough

all together in a decorated box for storage


I like stuff like this because it is also an activity to do together.

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