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Anyone here with art gallery experience or selling well known art...


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I am helping with a school auction and we had 4 pieces of art that were donated which I don't know what to do with. We don't have the money for a formal appraisal, and at least 2 are somewhat valuable. For 2 of them we have the receipts from the purchase in the early 2000s but I have no idea how that affects the value now.




Would you be willing to pm me so I can ask some questions?

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I wonder if you looked up what something comparable might sell for on Ebay? (I don't really know but I thought I'd throw that out there while giving your thread a bump.)


I need to know how to list the value of the art on the auction guide. Do I list the last appraised value or are we responsible to get a current value to list? I know that there are waves of values in art, and I have no idea if this artist/style of art is above or below what it sold for back then. It is about 36" tall, with a full frame, so it is a bit substantial. This piece of of art is a numbered/signed/colored lithograph by an immediately recognizable name.


The other is an original animation cell from a well known children's movie in the 1990s.


Since they are not the originals (but are a lithograph---one cell of a movie), I don't know how to find out an approximate value without paying for a full appraisal.



The third piece of work was donated by the same person as those above. She didn't bring the paper work for this one, so I have know idea what it is or who signed it. I am trying to contact her for information.


The forth is an original watercolor from an artist from another country, circa S. This person bought it in a commercial auction box, and didn't want it. I can find other pieces of his work advertised for $300-400 and up. I have no idea if this topic is desired as well, or if it has very little value.




I also need to know how to reference these in the auction magazine. I assume there is a standard "MLA" type format. I really don't want to make it look sloppy.


"Title of Work", lithograph hand signed, numbered, colored by artist. Artist's Name. YEAR (for the ones known). ????? [I]What order do I put the information?[/i]How about for the photographs that were also donated. Framed, matted, titled works?




Sorry, but I just want to do the works justice and to have them bring in as much money as possible.

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