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Would love Gr 1 reader suggestions for WP Animals and their Worlds


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Hi, I am curious if anyone could recommend some Gr. 1 appropriate readers (picture books are good too) to add on to WP Animals and their Worlds. We are starting it in September and I plan on checking out some used book stores and thrift stores for books in advance. I am also interested in nonfiction or crafty book suggestions you may have.


The habitats covered are African Savannah, tropical rainforest, desert, woods, polar regions, wetlands and ocean.


Thanks in advance!

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Before WinterPromise authored their own readers and workbooks for LA1, they used to offer Step 3 Level readers for first grade, working their way up to chapter books. Here are some of the titles:


Man O'War: Best Racehorse Ever (Step into Reading 3)

Hungry, Hungry Sharks



Tentacles: Tales of the Giant Squid

Bears Life in the Wild

The Animal Rescue Club, by John Himmelman

Thimbleberry Stories by Cynthia Rylant

Absolutely Lucy

Balto and the Great Race


One of the reasons they developed a more incremental system was that their first grade readers were considered too difficult for typical first graders. Their Advanced Kindergarten readers are more typical first grade fare. Those are Nora Gaydos' Leveled readers found here:





I believe they schedule 4 sets of these readers.

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