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Delayed, Special, Aspie, Relaxed kids and History Writing requirements....

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I know, I know...I just need to include as many of you as possible:tongue_smilie:


My son turned 15 last month. He is a very high functioning Aspie. Most people might just find him quirky. He has come a long way in the past few years. I am so proud of him. I don't want to squash that progress ya know!


I would love to see more writing or documentation in regards to History. He is in grade 9 and using HOAW.


For writing he was doing Oak Meadow 9 English. It was way too much. He didn't understand it and could not figure out the organization of it. TWTM ways always seem to work with him. He is still a logic kid for a lot of things. He enjoys and understands HOAW. I just started him on Writing with Skill.


I had originally planned on him just answering the four questions per section or doing a notebook page from History Scribe. I have slacked in my department and you can see why if you look over some of my previous posts. It's been quite the year. But, I am not one to give up.



Any thoughts on the amount of documentation in regards to our personal situation? Do you have something you want to share? Do you see some obstacle? Do you want to tell me, he will be ok?

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How about having his history output mirror the tasks in WWS. If he has a spine he enjoys, he could apply one of the daily assignments to short sections of that text. So, at first short narrations from reading passages. Then work up to level 1 outlines, etc. You could add in some historic fiction and reading selections from twtm. Maybe include map activities.


I am unsure though, is he working through HOAW and you feel like he should be doing more or are you looking for a different approach?

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Ah, my mistake. I was thinking he was using History Odyssey Ancients, but that must be History of Ancient World.


Which, actually, have you looked at the History Odyssey try before you buy option? It is a generous sample and you can see some writing assignments and reading suggestions. For reading you might just find the corresponding pages in HOAW. I actually think the amount of writing in HO is very high. We used part of the sample, but are now just doing our own thing.


In any case, I still could see following along with WWS and applying the skills to history could be a doable scenario.

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