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Telling God's Story for non-Christians??


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I know that might sound weird, but I'd really like to give my girls an introduction to the Bible. We aren't Christian, we are UUs, which doesn't mean we couldn't be Christian, too, but we aren't. Long story, but my husband and I just can't get there again, but if my children did, it would be just fine.


That may sound odd to some of you, but it works for us. I hope that makes sense.


So is Telling God's Story a good program to go with to give my kids some biblical foundation, give them a sense of what Christianity is all about, and open that door for them to explore their own spirituality?


If not, then can you recommend some other programs?

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I had book one of TGS. It focused on Jesus and New Testament. It was geared for younger than your children. That's my concern - it's a little younger. I haven't kept up to see if vol. 2 or higher is out so filter my answer for that lack of knowledge.


I was thinking... .

One resource out there that might help as an introduction to Bible is called The Story. It's a chronological overview of The Bible, told in story/novel form.

here's a link



I think the "Kids" version of The Story is done in a reader's "translation".



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...can you recommend some other programs?

It's better to read the Bible, than read about the Bible.

Just as it's better to read an unabridged book rather than the picture book version. And it's better to read The Mayflower Compact than about The Mayflower Compact.


The Bible is not boring and it is not too hard for 4th graders to understand. The NIrV is an easy to read Bible which is based on the NIV translation. Your children could probably read it aloud. To check comprehension they could do CM style narration.



Read Matthew. It is about Jesus' life and includes His sermons, prayers and parables.

The book of Acts is about how The Church began.

1 Corinthians is a letter to a church in Corinth. It is written by Paul, a man who started local churches.


If your children listen to those books they will know more about Christianity than a lot of Christian children (sad to say).


I grew up UU too.

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If you go to a UU church, try asking your RE director if the church has any curriculum resources you could borrow. There are several curricula based on Bible stories, which may be sitting in a closet somewhere if the current climate of your church wouldn't encourage their use with a whole class.


You can also order curricula from the UU Christian Fellowship here. "The Life and Teachings of Jesus" might be a good fit for what you're seeking.

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