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Manufactured Products and Cross Contamination

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Ocean State Job Lot was carrying a line of chocolate chips recently that was dairy free and made in a nut-free facility. Last week, they had one bag left, and I'll be checking again today but if they aren't supplying anymore, they also have ghirardelli.


On Ghirardelli's site, they say that their chocolate chips are made on the same equipment as milk products, and in the same facility as peanuts and tree nuts. I am not so much worried about the milk since I am lactose-intolerant and any trace amount that might be left behind after cleaning probably wouldn't bother me, but I wonder about the peanuts and tree nuts.


If made in the same facility but NOT on the same equipment, do you think it would be safe?


I'll probably just end up going without chocolate chips if they are no longer stocking the other kind because I don't want to take a chance, but what do you think?

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Enjoy Life makes a safe brand. We are dealing with a dairy allergy here, so Ghirardelli is out for us. Baker's semi-sweet chunks were safe but now say they are made on a dairy line. If you are OK with them being processed on the same line as diary, the Baker's brand might be an option for you. Enjoy Life's chips are between $5-6 per bag.


Are you anaphylaxis to peanut and tree nut?

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I really think it depends on the company and their labeling practices. I trust Hershey's chocolate products, for example, with my nut anaphylactic but dairy ok son because they label "may contain" if there is any possibility of cross contamination. I call companies.


If all else fails Enjoy Life "chocolate" chips would be safe for you. They taste good/my kids like them.

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