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How do you 'schedule' SOTW  

  1. 1. How do you 'schedule' SOTW

    • Use a schedule (like History Odyssey, etc) and skip around
    • Just open-and-go in order

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I used SOTW 1 and 2. For the most part I did open and go in order. However, due to time constraints while using SOTW2, I did skip some chapters and covered those over the summer (just read them and did no projects, extras etc) rather than try to cram them into the official school year. So I voted open and go--had the time issue not existed I would have preferred to do everything open and go.

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We are using it as an open and go book. Very easy for me.


We are reading a chapter a day. We used to do just a section a day but the kids always wanted me to finish the chapter. So we started doing one a day. The kids like it and since I am starting with the kids in 2nd and 3rd grade I am going through 1 and 2 this year to "catch up". We do the narration questions daily, a notebook page once/week and I go to the library to get some of the suggested reading so the kids can read on their own. This system has worked out very well. The kids are retaining the info and they love history (it's their favorite subject).


I know that they are processing the info because often times the stories/history is played out: they will play "jumping the bulls" with friends and explain where it came from. Very interesting.


We do not use all the other activities in the activity book. We do not do the map pages nor do we do the coloring pages (my son does not see that as fun or particularly helpful. We will look at the pictures together). We reinforce geography using our geography placemats and usually do this at lunch time. The flip side of the placemats have the outlines of the contries, and the rivers, and oceans so they often mark the events/travels/places with dry erase markers. Once in a while we will actually do a paper map just to keep for their portfolio. We are always comparing where the different events happen and the times that they happened. When we get to the more dense histories we will definitely slow down. We do history 4x's/week.

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I voted "just open and go in order", and I do use SOTW in order, but I add a lot of other stuff in between the chapters - history supplements, biographies, related literature studies, etc. So I don't do a SOTW chapter each time I do history, but when we do use it, we do it in order rather than trying to match it up to something else.

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I've done both.


For our first cycle, I did open and go. Easy-peasy.


Then we did Bibioplan for a year. I really liked it.


Then we moved to Sonlight Core G & H. They schedule all 4 books.


For our next time through, we're just going to listen to the CDs. My older two will be doing Omnibus and my younger three will be doing VP Self Paced Online. But I don't want to give up SOTW, because we love it.

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