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Plumber type question

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We live out in the country where everybody knows everybody (or at least somebody's relative). Our hot water heater broke a few months ago so I called a friend who could recommend a plumber. She suggested somebody that worked for a company during the day, but did extra stuff after hours and on week-ends. He came out, replaced the element, suggested a few things and we paid him $80. He was nice and knowledgeable. We told him that we would be replacing the hot water heater after Christmas and he quoted a price ($125).


Last week, we had a break right at the main which was gushing water. Unfortunately the break was two inches on our side of the main so it was our responsibility to fix. We called him and he set a date. He didn't show that night but I wasn't too worried about it. Two days later, he returned my call and apologized saying that something had come up. He came out that night and discovered that actually one of the fittings had popped off the main. He replaced it with a new one and glued it on.


He stopped by the house, just as my husband arrived home. He told my husband what the problem was and my husband commented that if the cold weather continued then there would be a lot more pipes breaking. They chatted for a few minutes and then the plumber left. When I realized that DH hadn't paid him (he didn't quote us anything but it was something that we had to fix regardless of cost), I called him and left a message apologizing for the misunderstanding. I told him to call me back and I'd mail him a check or he could stop by.


I haven't heard from him. Should I call again or wait until I'm ready to put in the hot water heater? (Sometime in a couple of weeks). I don't want him to think I don't want to pay.

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