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What is your favorite Tastefully Simple items?


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the beer bread (which I actually make with sprite) and the spinach dip mix.

I also like the fiesta dip mix, the garlic garlic, the onion onion, and the key lime cheese ball mix... and lets see...oh, the potato soup. and the creamy wild rice soup.

I like pretty much everything they have, actually. :tongue_smilie: I was going to sell it but ended up deciding against it...

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Spinach & Herb dip mix is a nice staple. I use it with a little tweaking all the time. At one time, years ago, they had a Farmer's Market blend dip mix that was phenomenal, but they stopped selling it. :confused: It was even better than the Spinach & Herb.


Also, the Key Lime Cheese ball!!!!!!! I love that! We use cinnamon grahams (or those Scooby Snack grahams) for dipping in rather than the expensive little pretzels they sell, though.


Their Chipotle Queso mix looks really yummy, too. I like that it's in a jar rather than single packets and has several servings.


My friend who sells TS loves the Oh My Chai! drink mix. :)

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