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Something I never thought I'd do: drive through beer store

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We had drive thru Farm Stores in S. Florida. You could get alcohol, soda, bread, milk, decongestant...It was great! :D


Man, that would be really convenient. DH could drive through, literally, on his way home to pick up a gallon of milk. :auto:


Did you happen to be in FL?


No, I'm in Texas.


In Evanston, Wyoming, there is a drive-thru "alcohol and fireworks" store. Isn't that a fabulous combination??? :lol: :lol: :lol:


:lol::lol::lol: That's a potentially deadly combination.


When the dc were smaller I used to wish there was a drive-thru place that sold diapers. That would have been awfully convenient.


I used to order milk (or whatever) online and drive up to Samsclub where an employee would bring out my order. That's about as close as I got. Too bad we don't have a membership anymore. I wonder if they still do that.

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