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First grade - what are must-reads?


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Working off Medieval Mom's book list (great list BTW!)...


We're seriously behind on our reading - public school really took a toll and we haven't done anything other than picture book and fluff fiction all year. By story time my 7 y.o. was pretty wiped and didn't have the attention span for a lot of reads except on the weekends. Now that we are pulling from PS next week I want to incorporate more from the list...


From the first grade list we've already done the following:

Aesop for Children

Read Aloud Rhymes

Garden of Verses

Real Mother Goose

Complete Tales of Beatrix Potter

Charlotte's Web

Velveteen Rabbit

Winnie The Pooh

All the Burgess West Wind books (but not the singles)

Saint George and the Dragon


Obviously the list is extensive and we'll never get to it all, but what are some must-reads for a 7 y.o. boy? He wants to read Farmer Boy next. I also want to get in some Great Illustrated Classics, a some history reading and get started on a series that ISN'T Droon or Magic Treehouse. We have a ton of reading-level books, and our picture book collection is overflowing so I'm really looking for read-aloud recommendations from this list mostly.

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What do you think he'll like? want?


Beautiful pictures? Fairy tale story? Something more realistic? Something written a long time ago? Something more recent?


I have a 6 and a 7 year old boy and we have done plenty of read alouds. But I'm not on to say, "This is a must read" based on the preferences of my boys since they both have liked different things, and they have also liked books that this message board said aren't good picks for that age, or boys in general.

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He likes adventure stories. Fairy tale would work too... he doesn't need pictures, but enjoys them when they are there. He's good with current and older works.


A adventure story with great pictures is, "The Story of Doctor Dolittle". It's a older work but not so much older that the language is hard to follow.

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We've read:

Wizard of Oz



Farmer Boy

Working on the Burgess Books

Aesops fables

Brer Rabbit stories

Charolette's web

Mrs. Piggle Wiggle



and now The castle in the Attic


We do read Magic treehouse and Geronimo stilton as fill ins for fun as well :)

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My boy's favorite adventure series was the Odyssey one by Mary Pope Osbourne.


The Reluctant Dragon is another pick my boys loved.


They got very into Ramona this year, which is a not-to-be-missed in my book. Beverly Cleary is a genius!


Lately, they are enjoying an illustrated version of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight.


I also didn't see the James Herriot Treasury mentioned yet, which is another good illustrated bridge book to chapter books.

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