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Reverse sexism

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My ds has commented to me before about how girls in mixed groups like to rate the guys based on looks. Recently at his work the girls started voting on who was the hottest guy there. He's fortunate that he is usually 1 or 2 in the end result of hotness :001_huh:, but he does think that it isn't right. If the boys did this to the girls they would get very upset, and their feelings hurt.


I've also raised him that you are never to comment on a girl's looks, especially a teenage girl's looks negatively. You can always say she has nice eyes, a pretty smile, find something nice to say if prompted. Girls/women are judged so harshly on their looks that it just isn't acceptable.


It seems though that girls have taken to judging guys looks in their presence. This is about the 4th time something like this has happened. I'm really surprised about this.

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Are these women doing this young like him? It makes me wonder if it is an age/immaturity thing? I have never encountered women doing that at work or otherwise. Being silly with posting pictures or talking about movie stars sure, but not rating actual men ESPECIALLY with men right there.

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Yes, all teens to early 20's.


I remember back in high school doing things like that. both the boys and the girls rated each other etc. That foolishness was left behind though after high school, and never on the job. I wonder if these girls need someone to explicitly tell them it is unprofessional and unacceptable to do that at work(it is all the time, but thinking specifically about the work situation). Not the mention the fact it would consitute sexual harassment in a work palce situation.

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