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Quick papier mache globe advice :-)


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We finally finished our papier mache globe for geography (A Child's Geography: Explore His Earth) and coincidentally, my sister's birthday party is tomorrow, so I thought this would make a fantastic gift from my daughter. (okay, also a cool way to get a project out of the house! :lol:)


I want to add a hook or loop so she can hang it up somehow in her tiny apartment (no display space whatsoever, plus cats)... but now everything I've found online suggests that you must add the hook before you start. As my 16-year-old would say, "derp."


Anyone know what the best way is to add a hangy-something, anything to a balloon-based papier-mache globe without a) weakening the globe and b) going back to the papier mache'ing step again now that it's all painted and podged? How flimsy/sturdy would it be if I just screwed in a cup hook???


Any suggestions appreciated!

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Thread a long, sturdy needle with some strong thread--embroidery thread would probably work nicely. Poke the needle inward (without pushing the end in) and then out again so that the two holes are an inch or so apart. Make a loop and tie a knot. If your paper mache is strong and dry enough, it shouldn't rip through. Use the hook in the ceiling to hang the thread hoop. I wouldn't use the hook directly in the globe.

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