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Best time to buy curriculum; misc preschool questions

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Hi everyone,


My dd4 would like to start doing some "school" work in the fall. I don't want to buy anything too early and miss out on deals like free shipping. If anyone has some advice, these are the things I would like to buy:


* Bible Study Guide for All Ages (probably Rainbow resource)

* All About Reading Pre-K (from the All about learning website)

* Rightstart Math (if I decide to get the basic level, I'll probably get it from Rainbow Resources, or I would get the deluxe kit from Rightstart directly. Do anyone have any advice about this?).

* Handwriting Without Tears Pre-K (probably a Rainbowresource purchase. I will have to figure out what manipulatives I really need, because this one looks like a potential money pit. That's probably another question all by itself).


I am going to skip the homeschool convention this year, because I know what I want and having someone hover over me while I am looking at something freaks me out a little bit. Also, I think the convention might do serious damage to my budget. :tongue_smilie:


As a side note, I am trying to decide on a curriculum to round things out. I do like the looks of Sonlight, but I am also considering a curriculum from Wee Folk Art: http://weefolkart.com/content/homeschool-companion-guides


Has anyone tried the Wee Folk Art curriculum out? What did you think of it? Both my daughter and I have a very serious book addiction, so I think we'd both enjoy wallowing in some good books! The overall theme might tie in well with our new home. We just moved out on 18 acres, which I think will provide some nice outdoor learning opportunities.


Thank you so much for any advice you might have.

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We have the basic kit for Rightstart A and it's plenty. The other few manips aren't needed until the end, and I figure I'll have bought level B by then (which will have those few manips). One suggestion.....if you have an iPad, they have an abacus app (search for alabacus). It's only a few bucks and has come in very handy for the few times I've needed two abacuses.


We've done several of the Wee Folk Art programs. They're super sweet and lots of fun!

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I just started doing some "school" with my 4 year old and we're LOVING Rightstart A. We have a lot of fun doing it, it's easy but seems to stretch him at the same time. He likes it enough to do 2 lessons sometimes! I just ordered the A kit from Rightstart. I like that MOST things that you need are right there in the box. I was a little irritated that for one lesson they wanted me to use rubber bands to put tally sticks (popsicle sticks) together to make different sized sticks to make shapes. I thought I'd use straws cut to different sizes instead, but it didn't work great- we had to set them very carefully or they'd roll around.


I have looked at Pre All About Reading and didn't think it was worth the price tag. It's mostly recognizing letters and letter sounds. I didn't need to spend money to teach that. (and generally, I like to spend money on curric!) We're using OPGTR- we skipped the letter sounds since he already knew them, but we're taking the next section very slowly.


I don't know anything about the other stuff- but please share what you end up with!

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