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Excellence in Literature - does order matter?

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Do you have to do the books in order?


If dd has done the first book (Introduction to Literature) - would it be too great a leap to move next to the 4th book (British Lit)? The 4th book covers most of the books she will be reading next year... so, ideally... but I'm not sure if there is a great leap in complexity between each of the books?




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I was just at the website earlier tonight and at the very bottom there was on offer for all the books together in one binder. Here is the quote from that page. "If you'd like to customize your curriculum by mixing and matching units, you can get the entire 5-volume curriculum in a binder so that you can custom select units for each year."


Guessing that means that you could use them out of order. I have not used them so don't take my word for it. Just happened to remember that when I saw your question. :)



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...how it works? From the website sample, all it seems to offer is a slew of resource suggestions (books, websites) and then some writing assignments each week spent on the given book. I gather, though, that each unit also teaches how to write analytical essays? Is that correct? And how/ where does it teach literary analysis--how to identify and analyze assorted literary elements and techniques? If it does do that, does it cover many elements for each unit, repeating that instruction from unit to unit, or is the instruction about literary elements cumulative, and you only get bits and pieces in each unit? That is not clear from the online sample. Thanks for any help.

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