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Visual Latin or Lively Latin...which would be better for a 9yo?


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I have no experience with Lively Latin, but I can tell you about our VL experience. Unlike most elementary programs, which are grammar-based, VL is more of an immersion style along the lines of Lingua Latina. In fact, there is now a chart available through VL that shows you how to pair it up with Lingua Latina. This format is focused more on the reading of Latin than on the memorization of forms. Consequently it is a whole-to-parts approach instead of the typical parts-to-whole one.


When we began VL my dd was getting bogged down in our LC studies. I planned to simply add it in as a supplement as I didn't feel comfortable doing it solo. Soon we were doing it alone though, and I decided to use it as an interlude between grammar-based programs. My dd has loved it. It has opened her eyes to the language in new ways and given her more confidence. I still think there is a value in the traditional approach with chants and drill, so we will likely go into First Form when we finish. However, we have greatly enjoyed and dd has greatly benefited from VL. The teacher is hilarious and keeps us laughing as we learn.


Please feel free to ask any specific questions I haven't addressed. We'll be finishing the final lesson (30) of VL Latin 1 next week.

ETA: We do plan to continue into Latin 2 with VL, and I have just added in Lingua Latina. I truly don't know if the grammar-based way is necessarily better, but I do know I want her also to spend some more time focusing on the parts. VL does introduce grammar, and often in a better, more understandable way than other programs, but there is no drill and memorization focus.

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I don't see any reason not to use both. I own both and use them, I find the complement each other very well.

I just started Lively Latin and we enjoy it very very much. Prior to that we did Getting Started with Latin which we also enjoyed very much.

I wonder how you co-ordinate your two programs? I'd love new ideas to do Latin.

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