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What do you like for digital audiobooks for a dyslexic child?


Do you use bookshare or learning ally or something else?


Do you like the text to speech on a kindle?


I've been looking at options for awhile, but hoping that my daughter will start reading, but I'm thinking that I want to get some kind of reader so she has access to all the wonderful stories.

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My son, who reads high school/college level material, has used both Learning Ally & Audible.com. He doesn't have a Kindle and we haven't tried Bookshare yet. I want to get him signed up for Bookshare to try it. One thing he finds distracting about Learning Ally is that there is often more than one reader per book with longer books, especially textbook-type books. He finds that distracting and has preferred audiobooks with a professional reader when they are available.


When my son was younger, I did a LOT of reading aloud to him myself, partly because it was our homeschool style anyway. But I kept it up longer than I did with my girls because even though he can read with good comprehension, it's hard for him to keep up with the volume of reading he needs to do for school. He didn't start using audiobooks until 10th grade, but now that he has been using them awhile, he sees the difference in his comprehension between listening & reading along, vs. reading alone.

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