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Joe's O's (Trader Joe's Cheerios) Wheat/gluten free?

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rice, buckwheat, millet and quinoa are all gluten-free. Buckwheat is the only grain I've found that will stick together enough to make pancakes as my ds is also allergic to eggs (which binds grains together).





I've found millet flour pancakes also turn out OK, although they do break apart easily, they stick together enough to make a pancake. I am also allergic to eggs, I just use oil, a bit of maple syrup, baking soda, and water in the mix, then heat on a frying pan with a moderate amount of oil (more than for regular pancakes.) Oat pancakes are also good.


Teff flour is a nice flour for cookies, and makes a sweeter pancake that could be used for crepes if made thin. Teff flour is gluten free and has a mild sweet taste, I like it a lot (although I think I'm now allergic to it, too, I need to eat it in isolation to make sure.)

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