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Times like this I hate not being close

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My dd and her family lives 4 1/2 hours away. She is having another kidney stone attack. She has one in her tube that she is trying to pass and some in each kidney. She is scheduled on Tuesday to have them blasted. She has my two granddaughters, one is 14 months and the other is almost 2 1/2. I'm not sure I can go. Finances are very tight for us right now. Will be for the next few months, maybe longer. My son in law has lots of family there. I know she will have plenty of help. BUT, its not the same as having your mom there. I am just so upset that I can't be there.


My dd just called and she is in considerable pain. So hopefully it means the stone in the tube is moving. Please pray that she passes the stone and can avoid surgery for now. I HATE being so far away.

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I have never had kidney stones, but am sitting in the hospital waiting for an MRI to see if I do! :D:D:D

You can write your daughter a letter clip out a funny or print out a funny article..when I am in poor health I just love to hear from my family, but with kidney pain I am not the best person to talk to on the phone! I have ignored all phonecalls this past week!

:grouphug: for your daughter!

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