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Anyone willing to share 7th grade curriculum plan for next year?


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English & Composition: MCT Voyage, Writing with Skill, Killgallon (sentence composing) and Abeka Language I (no writing portions)


Literature: Of Places (Abeka for overview), plus 6 novel studies.


History: K12 Human Odyssey Book 1 as the spine, using selected readings & literature from Omnibus/TWEM. I will also have the Spiegolvel text as a resource.


Science: Intro to Biology (We'll be using the high school Abeka text for this, doing the high school labs and their lab book...we won't be doing formal written labs until high school). The text is straightforward, simple to outline and follow. He's already completed Advanced Life Science through K12, so we're going the next step. This biology course will be preceded by a 2 month study into Origins of Life (Evolution, YE Creation and OE Creation, using many of the resources so many people have posted. This is to allow my son to converse knowledgeably and considerately when dealing with others who hold some extreme YE views...)


Secondary Latin 1: online class through Veritas Press


Logic: Discovery of Deduction (Classical Academic Press) and Argument Builder (CAP); Possibly Speech & Debate


Foreign Language: Tell Me More Mandarin


Math: Algebra 1 (not quite sure where we'll be on this...I have Life of Fred, Art of Problem Solving, and Foerster's to use after Teaching Textbooks).


PE: Year Round Swimming, YMCA Basketball, at home stuff.


Health: Abeka -- whatever their grade 7 book is.


I think that's about it... I think.

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This is what ds did for 7th last year...


Math - Geometry with Derek Owens -- ds loved his class, btw... We're continuing with Derek for geometry and physics in 8th grade.


English - Stewart English (recommended in my 1st ed WTM for grammar -- I understand that it may have moved to the rhetoric stage in more recent editions) books 1 and 2 and Lightning Lit Early to Mid 19th Century British for fall and Early to Mid 19th Century Americanfor spring. While I liked LL's middle school program, I was unhappy with the supposedly high school level materials. The readings are challenging, but there's not a lot of support -- just some background material, and honestly not even as much of that as one could find with SparkNotes for free on-line. And the writing assignments are just ridiculous -- not even *remotely* what I would expect of a college-bound high school student. Luckily, since we're using it for middle school, we've been able to adapt to make it work for our needs. I didn't really *expect* my child to be writing high school papers this year. But we won't be using LL again.


History - Basically following WTM Logic Stage recommendations here. Using the DK Definitive Visual History, the NG Almanac of World History, and 4 of the Hakim History of US books (#2-5) as our main history spines with daily outlining or summaries and adding to our timeline, etc. Various additional reading (largely from the WTM 7 list). Also reading Famous Men of Modern Times. MCT's "Jefferson's Truths".


Latin - farmed this out finally. The teacher used Jenney's 2.


Greek - Athenaze 1 (roughly half that year -- ds and our borrowed-for-Greek student had done EG1-3 prior to this, but honestly, there was just too much going on for me as a teacher that year)


Science - Galore Park So You Really Want to Learn Science 2 and experiments from the Thames and Kosmos middle school science kit (and some others) (Ds also ended up doing about half of Derek Owens' Physical Science course on line in the summer between 7th and 8th, though with ballet intensives and things like that, there just wasn't time for all of it. I don't think it was necessary at all, but it was a nice addition.)


Logic - The Argument Builder, Critical Thinking in US History (book 1 only)


Smaller subjects: Christian Studies 2 (from Memoria Press), reading The Annotated Mona Lisa, ballet 3x a week, Boy Scouts...



Assigned reading list for 7th included (originals except where noted):

Pride and Prejudice

The King's Fifth, by Scott O'Dell

Don Quixote, by Miguel de Cervantes, adapted by Michael Harrison

I, Juan de Pareja by Elizabeth Barton De Trevino

Along Came Galileo, by Jeanne Bendick

Gulliver's Travels


Dangerous Journey (retelling of The Pilgrim's Progress)


Jane Eyre

George Washington's World, by Genevieve Foster

Stowaway by Karen Hesse

Ben Franklin's Autobiography

Forge, Laurie Halse Anderson

Chains, Laurie Halse Anderson

Mutiny on the Bounty

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, Rip Van Winkle, others by Washington Irving

Seaman: the Dog who Explored the West

Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass

Uncle Remus tales (selections)

Once Blind: the life of John Newton, by Kay Marshall Strom

Great Expectations, by Charles Dickens

An American Plague: the true and horrifying story of the yellow fever epidemic of 1793

Fever 1793

Dr. Jenner and the Speckled Monster: the discovery of the smallpox vaccine

Sugar Changed the World: A Story of Magic, Spice, Slavery, Freedom, and Science

The Scarlet Letter


(there are a few historical fiction pieces I know I've left out... apparently the list I have here isn't as complete as I thought... and ds reads a fair amount on his own, though most of that tends to be more fantasy-oriented, Hunger Games, etc...)


Here's a sample from ds' planner for 7th. History assignments are explained in more detail on a separate sheet of paper, so this one only includes the readings (not what he's expected to outline or summarize, etc). The lines at the bottom are for adding in homework that's assigned weekly, like Latin, Greek, and logic... I was supposed to transfer the geometry assignments from the syllabus to the assignment book, but I didn't. ;)



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I am in the very early stages of planning for DD 7th grade and could use some ideas!




This yr has been the best 7th grade yr that I have ever taught. I have thoroughly enjoyed everything my dd and I have done. I have taken the framework w/in Where the Brook and River Meet (a unit study based on Anne of Green Gables) and modified so greatly that I really shouldn't even say we are using it.


Basically, you could create what we are doing w/just about any well annotated good book. (I am actually going to design one around Alice in Wonderland to use w/my 4th grader in the future) We take the references/allusions in Anne to go where ever they lead us. We have spent days/weeks reading great poetry, months studying Shakespeare, the yr studying Canadian and British/Scottish history. Dd's interests have pretty much determined how much time we have spent on the various topics.

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We are likely doing Memoria Press Grade level package 6th or 7th with CLE Math, and maybe more science if I can afford it and squeeze it in. He wants to try latin, too. GULP!!!

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We are pretty much continuing on from our sixth grade studies, plus a little more.


Read one hour a day of her choice of title & 30 minutes a day of my choice of title. (She chooses things like The Ranger's Apprentice and the Percy Jackson series; I choose stuff like Alice in Wonderland and Kipling)


Writing With Skill / The Creative Writer (we've started it this year, but we're going slowly and there is no way we will be anywhere NEAR done by the end of the 6th grade year, plenty left for 7th!)


Saxon/Hake Grammar 7 (have used this series the last two years and could not be more pleased)


AoPS Algebra for math (planning on using this over two years & supplementing with anything and everything from Dolciani to Khan Academy to Foersters to Jacobs, whatever it takes to give her a thorough grounding in algebra!)


Science - still deciding. A local co-op might be offering a class that would work for her, but if not, we'll probably do Holt Science and Technology Physical Science (we did Earth Science last year and a small portion of Physical Science this year before the co-op class started). Unless we take the co-op class and it has a lot of work in it, we will be supplementing this with some at-home labs and a lab notebook.


History - continue with The Story of US, supplemented heavily with outside reading. We're also using the student workbooks and test book with this.


Chinese - continuing with her 7th year of Mandarin study (wow, has it really been that long, yikes! :D )

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I'm still in the planning stages of mine, and I feel like we have a lot of gaps to fill (She was PS, then we HS last year, then PS this year up until last week, when I pulled her out for good, and I have a son who will be in 6th and they will share a lot of this)


Latin - Visual Latin with getting started with Latin


History - History Odyssey Middle Ages stage 2


Science - Biology Logic Stage


Math - Math Mammoth


Writing - WWE/WWS -


Grammar-KISS Grammar ?





Logic - Art of Argument


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Well...I'm still planning, but this is what I'm considering:


Math: MUS Pre-Algebra


Science: Apologia General Science


Logic: The Fallacy Detective


History: All American History


Grammar/Writing: R&S


Literature: lots of titles related to subject studied in AAH w/ lit guides


Vocab: Vocabulary from Classical Roots

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History - Year 1 TOG dialectic level


Math - Saxon Algebra 1


Logic: Fallacy detective


Science: Apologia General Science


English: Rod and Staff level 6


Writing: IEW themed book - Ancients Level B


Foreign Language: Finish First Form Latin and start Second Form Latin (LOVE this series!)


I'd like to include him learning how to draw all the countries, but not sure if he'll have the energy with all that I'm piling on him. He's a younger 7th grader.



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History - Year 1 TOG dialectic level


Math - Saxon Algebra 1


Logic: Fallacy detective


Science: Apologia General Science


English: Rod and Staff level 6


Writing: IEW themed book - Ancients Level B


Foreign Language: Finish First Form Latin and start Second Form Latin (LOVE this series!)


I'd like to include him learning how to draw all the countries, but not sure if he'll have the energy with all that I'm piling on him. He's a younger 7th grader.




This sounds just like us!!!!! Here's mine - like Beth's with a few small changes:



History - Year 3 TOG dialectic level

Math - Chalkdust Prealg (or maybe TT? still thinking)

Logic: Fallacy detective (I've never been able to complete this with my others - maybe I will try it again next year!)

Science: finish Apologia General Science/start Phys Sci

English: Rod and Staff level 6/7

Writing: IEW - finish SICC B (did first half this year)

Foreign Language: finish Second form start Third Form


My son is an older 6th grader - so he is in between grades - that's why there is so much "finishing.../starting..." in his subjects.

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Here's what I'm thinking right now:




Kolbe Junior High Literature

The Secret Code of Poetry

Writing with Skill

Word Roots B1

Killgallon's Grammar for Middle School



Finish Chalkdust Pre-Algebra (another semester)

LoF, Pre-Algebra with Econ.

Haven't decided what we'll do for Algebra. I've been happy with Chalkdust, but my son has not.



Probably Elemental Earth Science



My current plan is to revise History Odyssey Early Modern to work with Light to the Nations, II.



Latin for Children, B



Finish Art of Argument

Continue into Discovery of Deduction



Memoria Press Christian Studies IV



Continue our slow pace through The Phonics of Drawing and then move on to one of the other courses.

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Math Saxon Algebra 1/2

Literature LL8 (starting soon, probably will be finishing this)

English Shurley English 7

History K12 mix of American History (Hakim) and World History (Human Odyssey)

Science Earth/space, probably CPO

Spanish Tellmemore Spanish


continue Girl Scouts, aikido, art class

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So far, my plan goes as follows:


History/Literature: TOG Year 2 (D-level)

Math: Dolciani Pre-Algebra, LoF Intro. to Algebra

Writing: Classical Writing Homer B w/ Harvey's grammar

Latin: Latin for Children Primer C

Logic: Art of Argument

Science: Apologia General Science (maybe?)

Memory Work: Scripture memory, IEW poetry

Music: Piano

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We will be in TOG year 3 dialectic(supplemented with VP online), TT 7, SL grammar, PR 3-4 in one year as we try to get her up to speed on spelling, Mr. Qs science, WWE4 as we try to regroup and get her non-existent writing skills up to par(thank you public school for the first 5 year:glare:)

She hates to read and I have no intention of even trying to get her to read the classics:tongue_smilie:

For read alouds we will plow through some great literature assigned by TOG and the ones I liked as a kid.

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Mostly we will continue with what we have:


Language Arts:

Writing: WWS and Killagallon sentence composing

Grammar: Finish KISS

Spelling: Spelling Wisdom (he will probably need to do spelling all the way through high school)

Vocab: Not sure (MCT vocab changes style after CE2)

Literature: Early Modern lit with discussions with me (yes, I will be reading the books too)


Math: AoPS geometry

Science: IGCSE Chemistry with an external exam

History: Early modern: History Odyssey book 2

Music: Violin using ABRSM grade 5

Logic: Discovery of Deduction + Philosophy for kids

Mandarin with a tutor


Sailing, Martial Arts, Swimming, String Group

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Hmmmmm.... Ok, I think this is where we are headed:


Math: TOPS Science Math Lab and TOPS Science Probability and LOF Pre-algebra 2


Language Arts:

WWS 2 (I hope!)

Hake Grammar 7 or 6 I can't decide. It will be our first year with Hake

Various assigned readings



Early Modern using WTM framework



Critical Thinking Book 1



Lively Latin 2



ACS Chemistry with TOPS Science if that doesn't work out



Mango and other online resources

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My oldest is in 7th this year. I've got a link in my signature that tells what we're doing. I need to update post just a little bit. I ended up switching ds12 & ds11 to Harvey's Grammar for the time being, and I also switched them to a Visual Latin/Lingua Latina combo for Latin.

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Ds will be my third child to homeschool gr 7 next year. This is what I'm thinking of at the moment, and I'll put what my dds did in parentheses.


Shurley English because it's working well for him (R&S English)

Math--is in the air at the moment, and I'm not sure if he'll do a specific preAlgebar program or if I'll put him into Algebra 1. It's not that he doesnt have the math for Algebra 1, but it's more of a developmental thing; unless he does a sudden burst of readiness, he'll do pre-Algebra. (dd's did Algebra 1 with different books)


All American History II (we do only 2 rotations through world history, dd's did this one in different grades, but my middle on in gr 7)


Science-- not sure if he'll do physical science or RS4K Chem II and then something else (Runkle's Geography, which is physical geography, with various other things.)


RS German (he's working through that very slowly) & RS Spanish 1 as he's lobbying for public school for high school (if he goes at all it will most likely be part time as I can't see him managing full time school at first, especially while he's in his growth spurt as he swims in the evenings and because of how he learns, etc).


Piano & hopefully a band instrument, but not in band yet.


Swim team.


This is all I've figured out so far. I still have to work more on writing & other subjects, but it's only February. I want to buy as little as possible new (will have to buy Shurley English--he's only doing 5 now, but it's more advanced than the ps grammar & it doesn't cover reading, etc).

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History: HO Middle Ages, Intellego Middle Ages for supplement


Science: RS4K: Chemistry II and SoS



1st Semester: LoF Decimals & Percents/MM Blue Decimals & Percents

2nd Semester: LoF Pre-Algebra w/ Biology/MM Blue Order of Operations, Integers, Statistics and Probability


Writing: IEW Medieval History-Based Writing Lessons


Literature: Literary Lessons Lord of the Rings - year long


Grammar: Editor in Chief


Logic: Critical Thinking Book 1


Spelling: Spelling Workout G


Latin: LL2


Spanish: RS Spanish?


Subject to change if we ever make it to Greece and Rome this year. :D I'm seriously considering doing a semester each of Greece and Rome next school year and bringing the 1st graders along.


In which case:

History: Dorothy Mills Books of Ancient Greece and Rome SotW 1 as read aloud. Activities for all of them.


MP Famous Men of Greece, MP Famous Men of Rome,


Science: RS4K Astronomy II (I'm hoping they'll have the tests ready by then), Intellego Astronomy, littles can do constellation work and basics.


Literature: MP Horatio at the Bridge (?), definitely doing MP The Aenid


Writing: Classical Writing: Older Beginners


Art & Architecture: Yale Open Courses - Roman Architecture or Classical Ingenuity


Mythology: Continue studying for NME next year, introduce Mythology to littles.


Littles: Aesop study


I guess I'm planning two years at once now. :lol:

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We are coming to the end of our 7th grade year, but it has been a very successful one. Here is what we have used:


History/Geog/Science - HOD RTR

Math - Singapore 6A/B and beginning TT Pre Algebra

French - Rosetta Stone Level 1

Vocab - Wordly Wise 6 and 7

English - R&S 5 and begin 6 (our goal is to finish 6 by the end of 8th grade)

Writing - IEW Medieval Writing


With HOD, we have done a Shakespeare study this year and we have also read lots of great Medieval History read alouds together. It has been a great year!

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We're only 10 weeks into 6th grade, so my plans for next year will adjust according to what we get finished this year. Here's what I'm thinking he'll do for 7th:


Math: MUS Pre-Algebra, LoF Decimals & Percents or Pre-Algebra w/Biology (depending on whether he does D&P this yer)


Grammar: Rod and Staff 7


Writing: Probably Classical Writing Homer for Older Beginners. I plan to skip Aesop because we're about to start Classical Composition Fable and will then do Narrative this year, as well. They cover the same skills as CW Aesop, as I understand it. Alternately, there's a chance we'll do Writing With Skill.


Word Study: Vocabulary from Classical Roots. He'll be finishing Book A and then do Book B


Logic: I don't remember what I decided. Discovery of Deduction, I think. I'll have to go through my notes.


Foreign Language: may still be finishing Lively Latin 2 and then will probably start Henle.


Art: Artistic Pursuits 4-6 Bk 1 (drawing)


History, Science, and Literature: This is our fourth year of homeschooling, and we've been following a 4-year-cycle history and science plan. Next year, though, I plan to step out of that cycle. I have had lots of ideas, but right now I am thinking we will do a child-led unit-study approach. I will let each of my boys choose something they want to learn about, and I will choose some topics, and we will have fun. I'll be sure that we cover some history and some science topics. We'll also read books from any time period -- whatever we couldn't fit in to the past four years. I might encourage my boys to delve more deeply into ancient Greece and Rome, but I haven't decided how we'll cover ancient times the following year, so I don't know yet. Also, we'll study biology in 8th grade, but my boys love animals, so I know we'll be studying about them some next year. I also want to do some real Nature Study, so we'll be easing into our biology/ancients year.

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This is what it looks like next year looks like so far.


Math - Saxon 8/7 with LOF Pre-Algebra and some Khan Academy supplementation


Writing - Potter's School English 1


Grammar - Potter's School English 1 (depending on how grammar heavy we might still do Rod and Staff 7


Latin - First Form Latin


History - finishing TOG year 1 and moving into year 2


Logic - Fallacy Detective And Thinking Toolbox


Science - Apologia General Science


Memory - Scripture with some IEW poetry


Foreign Language - Rosetta Stone Spanish


Literature - TOG readings, some from TPS English 1, and a few extra chosen pieces.


Computer programming during summer for fun


Scouts, piano

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7th next fall:


Saxon 87 / Life of Fred Decimals


Comprehensive Science - online FLVS


American History - online FLVS

Civics - online FLVS


Galore Park SY English 3

Grammar Voyage / Practice Voyage

The Creative Writer

finish Lingua Mater 7 then Lingua Mater Americana (Level 8)

Literature list - TBD


Breaking the Spanish Barrier I


Latin I - online CLAA


Music Theory II - online CLAA






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7th grade for dd(12):


Math: CLE 700

Science: Apologia General Science (through tutorial)

Latin: Visual Latin and Lingua Latina (local class)

History: Notgrass America the Beautiful

Writing: WWS, Killgallon, Creative Writer?

Literature: LL7, Teaching the Essay

Grammar: KISS

Other LA: Reading Detective and Vocabulary Workshop


Extras: American Heritage Girls and Drama (through tutorial)

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Can't believe my 2nd child is going to in 7th grade. Here is what I plan. A few things may change because I'm still up-in-the air about a few subjects. Depends if I can get the DVDs for BJ on those ones.


History/Geography/Science/Vocab/~HOD Res. to Ref.


Literature~either DITHOR or Bob Jones (*depends if I can afford the DVDs for BJ)

Writing~HOD IEW Medieval History-Based Writing Lessons

Math~MUS or *Bob Jones 7th

Grammar~either HOD via R&S/Shurley or *Bob Jones :tongue_smilie:.

Latin~Latin Road

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Some things are still up in the air for next year.


Math: AoPS Algebra 1 (she wants to take the online class) with Forester for me. Her plan is to follow it with Intro to Counting and Probability. :001_huh:


History/Geography/History of Art and Music: TOG D Level Y3U4 and then Y4


Writing: Continue WWS mixed with IEW SCCI-B

Grammar: Kiss Grammar, yet undecided


Literature: TOG D, SL from Cores 7, 100 and 200, Figuratively Speaking


Science: Biology, probably a mix of PLATO and Miller Levine Macaw edition


Language: Latin Road 1

Alto Sax and Swim Club (Swim Team if we can afford it.)

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This is our plan so far...

History/Literature/Bible: SL Core H

Math: Chalk Dust PreAlgebra

Science: 1st Semester -Apologia General Science, 2nd Semester - unsure

Grammar/Writing: RS 7, finish IEW SWIB, Daily Grams 7

Foreign Language: Latin (have not decided yet)

Electives: Tennis, Theater, Fallacy Detective

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My 7th grader


Literature: TOG Year 1 Dialectic and first half of Literary Lessons from Lord of the Rings (loosely).


Writing: Classical Writing Diogones I


Grammar/Vocabulary: MCT


Math: AOPS Intermediate Algebra (if he finishs Beginning Algebra)


Science: Trying to decide -he's done physical science and we are trying to see if the person who teaches the Co-OP will take him in the Apologia Biology class at his age. I can't find a secular class :( and I don't want to teach it at home at this level. Either way, he's doing the Science Olympiad again so there will be some science.


History, etc: TOG Year 1 Dialectic


Logic: Art of Argument


Latin: Latin Prep II

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I can't believe my son will be starting 7th grade! Here's the bulk of what I have planned for him.


CLE Math 7/8

Hands on Equations

Hake Grammar 7, Editor in Chief

SL 6 - History, Science, Literature

IEW - Outsourced Class

So You Really Want to Learn Spanish

Logic: Mindbenders, Building Thinking Skills, Maybe some of the Prufrock Press materials

IEW Poetry Memorization




Extras: Swim Team, Boy Scouts, possibly Speech Club

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  • 2 weeks later...

Bumping this! Somehow I missed it and started a new thread.


Here's our tentative plan:


Math: probably Lial's prealgebra

Grammar: I'm trying to decide between continuing with R&S (7) or switching to AG. We are both kinda burnt out with R&S.

Writing: finish WWS 1...hoping WWS 2 is ready in the fall

Vocabulary: Vocabulary from Classical Roots

History, Bible, Poetry, Geography, Literature: Sonlight core G

Science: BJU life science

Art: Probably Artistic Pursuits Jr High book 1 (we've used AP for two years, and I like it)

Music: She is learning some basic music theory right now, and I have no idea where to go with that for next year. I also need to incorporate more composer study. I've slacked in that area.

Spanish: I don't know. We've done Getting Started with Spanish this year, but it's been hit and miss. I need inexpensive suggestions. We might not even attempt a foreign language again for a couple of years.

Logic: Fallacy Detectives maybe


I feel like I'm missing something. What is it? Too much? Too little? I'd love suggestions for music (specifically music appreciation), Spanish, and logic.

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  • 2 weeks later...

What I have scheduled so far for Fall 2012:


Math: AOPS Geometry and continue on with CLAA Arithmetic I (already enrolled in this class spring 2012)

Latin/Greek and Vocab: CLAA Grammar II-A (Method) and II-B (Reading) (recently graduated Grammar I)

Grammar: Rod and Staff English 7

Literature: Long reading list designed by her father

History/Geography: To be determined

Logic: To be determined

Science: Physical Science (Outsourced)

Art: Artistic Pursuits and outsourced


This child is very independent, and she enjoys most of these subject/curricula we have used for awhile. ;)


I'm interested to see what others are doing, also.

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This is the current plan for Joy's fall line-up. Subject to change, but most decisions are firm.


Grammar: Rod and Staff's English 7

Vocab/spelling: Rod and Staff's Spelling by Sound and Structure 7, and Latin

Writing: finish Classical Writing Homer and into Diogenes, and WTM-style writing across the curriculum

Literature: Veritas Press (finish the 6 books she missed, any "transition" she hasn't done, and maybe some from Omni 3 list), and assignments from history

Logic: CAP's Argument Builder and Discover of Deduction

Latin: Latin Alive

Math: finish whatever algebra 1 book she starts this summer (Foerster's? AOPS?)

Science: Apologia's Exploring Creation with Physical Science

History: History Odyssey, level 2 modern

Music: plays guitar, sings with her family, interested in piano

Extra: American Heritage Girls


eta: Figuratively Speaking for literature

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