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Kindergarten Geography?


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I would honestly give them a frame of reference before delving into geography in a detailed manner by:


Geography Songs (Continents and Oceans)

Maybe States & Capitals Songs...with a state puzzle


These are fun, easy to integrate, and can provide a jumping off point. I might also do some basic social studies things like maybe a person of the week (either focusing on policemen, firemen, doctors, lawyers, authors...or a notable person). Very light, but helps to provide context for future reading/learning.


Then, in grade 1 (or 2, depending upon which cycle you use) when we get to studying Egypt, identify which continent it's on, the waters that surround it, and delve more about Egypt proper (major oceans, mountains, regions, deserts, neighboring areas (although I wouldn't worry about memorizing their neighboring countries...it's an INTRO. They will get this 3 more times, adding depth each time)


That's just me.

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We did half and half. I used the history/geography section of What Your Kindergartner Needs to Know as an outline.


We started with the Me on the Map book above. Then we learned about each of the continents (read books from/about some of them, learned about the countries, wildlife, food, culture, art and music in each).


Then we did a brief overview of American history.

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These are all good suggestions!

I was previously sold on the 4-year cycle, starting in 1st grade, but I think I'm slowly changing my mind to start the cycle in 2nd grade, so I might go ahead & do a intro. to geography in K and then the American History in 1...

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We are doing geography. I just put up a world map and a USA map. And we talk about various things and review things we've talked about. I guess we're not systematic about it.


For example (yesterday with C):


Me: C, where is Canada?

He points to Canada.

Me: WHere does Mickey Mouse live?

C: Florida and he points to it

Me: Where do we live?

He points to Texas and says it is orange. He then says Uncle David lives in Georgia (also orange on our map)

C: Where was Mama born?

He points to Ohio (correct) and says, "Mexico."

Me: Ooops, that is Ohio. Mama *was* born in Ohio! A.J., where is Mexico?

AJ points to Mexico. C copies him.

We practiced spelling Ohio.


We learned the way to tie shoes linked on the general board and saw it was supposedly from China. So we looked up China. We talked about Alaska so pointed it out on both maps (so we would know where it REALLY is). We have learned that three of the orange states (Texas, Georgia, and NY) all have capitals that start with the letter A. We looked up Zimbabwe as a friend of ours is from there. We printed out flags of several countries and are learning the flag, country, and location on the map. In Texas, we point out the part in which they were born and where we live and Grandma lives. We do a poem about the continents and match it to our wall.


We just started about two weeks ago. I hope to add more in time. It'll be easier when they are HOME all the time rather than spending much of the day at school.

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