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Watch batteries running out fast?

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My mother has that same difficulty. As long as the watch isn't touching her skin they seem to be OK. She found a necklace watch once that worked really well (since it touched her shirt and not her skin directly). Her other solution is to buy several cheap watches and loop them onto things she always has with her (her purses, the bag she takes to work, her Bible cover, etc).

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I've had a watch for about ten years, and its battery lasted for the first several. However, in the past five years, I think I've replaced it six or seven times. I have the lifetime battery deal with Zale's, but they no longer do it (I've still gotten my money's worth from them). A jeweler told me that when watches start to go bad, the batteries don't last very long, though that did not make a lot of sense to me. I wonder if batteries are just lower quality anymore.

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