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My friend's 6.5 year old daughter has Aspergers and I would like to understand more about it.


Does anyone have any resources (web or books) that you consider to be helpful?


Does the child have to go to OT to help with it?


I am really in the dark about Aspergers but I know the child well and have known her since she was a baby. Her mom is super stressed out about her daughter's behaviors, so I thought if I educated myself about Aspergers, then maybe I could help the mom also (who is a dear friend of mine).


They figured out it was Aspergers when she had just turned 6 years old, she did maybe a month of weekly OT but the mom didn't see the purpose as it was mostly having the girl go through an obstacle course, so they no longer go to OT.


Any resources appreciated. Thanks!

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The OASIS @ MAAP site offers a lot of information as well as a database of resources by location: http://aspergersyndrome.org/


My son with Asperger Syndrome did not need OT. However, many Aspies do benefit from OT, depending on what their specific needs are. Some Aspies have poor motor planning -- that may be why your friend's dd's OT had her do obstacle courses.


Being the parent of a child with Asperger Syndrome can be very isolating. Your friend is blessed to have your caring and support! Just being there for her and for her dd will mean so much to both of them.

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OT can be helpful for the sensory side of things - and it can take months or even a couple years to see benefit from that. the goal is to have the child doing things that cross the midline/bilateral that will stimulate brain development. some other, non OT, things that can do that and are helpful are: swimming (arms/legs full bilateral work), horseback riding (which also really works core muscles)


I pulled my son from OT because I was paying $90 a week out of pocket. (and I had zero confidence in the OT he was assigned.) private swimming lessons are cheaper than that! (he was thrown out of group lessons for being too disruptive).


a cute book with a very brief overview (which is also good for children) is "all cats have aspergers".


I would also recommend she find a DAN! as part of her treatment plan. It is nutrional supplement/diet based, but these kids often have areas of deficincies and hypersensitivities. they often don't absorb nutrients normally. there are at least two genetic causes (fragile X, and a group cluster deletion on chromosome 16). Last night I was also reading about a bacteria found in their guts, only on a biopsy, another in the brain of some kids. One Dr. treats his spectrum kids for high levels of histamine with great results. that's actually what the DAN!'s are aiming at with the diet restrictions - removing anything that is sensitive to drop the histamine production.


My son does much better on the supplement regimen than with nothing - some of them (a high quality mutli - and we noticed a difference) I started him on before I ever took him to a DAN! I also removed nitrates from his diet as I realized they make him aggressive.

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Tony Attwood's books are my favorite. The small, blue one may be a bit outdated, but gives a good general overview.


OT was a big help for my son. His motor planning, spacial awareness, muscle tone, and sensory needs are still a bit off, but nowhere near where they were before. And he LOVED the obstacle courses. :D

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