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Looking for a piece of jewelry for dd turning 18

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She is not a big jewelry wearer, but I was thinking this would be something she could keep and wear and remember. I am always presses for time and wheb pressed don't feel creative at all!


She loves horses and photography and just went away to college where she will be pursuing both. She has herself bought a nice camera and accessories. I am not looking at spending more than $200 maximum. I found a cute ring at Pandora's, but am still thinking of looking in a pawn store.


On, so my problem is also that she is away at college and will be away at a retreat the weekend of her birthday so how to celebraye with her? I had wanted to send some cakes to the retreat, but she hates public attention. Urgh, what to do!!!

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We love to look though the Sundance catalog: http://www.sundancecatalog.com/category/handmade+jewelry.do?nType=2




Also, things like museum stores have neat jewelry. The Met or MoMA would be good ones, I think....


If your dd hates being the center of attention, perhaps another gift/idea could be to do something like give a donation to a charity that she would support, maybe a horse rescue group or something. That way, the focus is on helping others in behalf of her....


Instead of sending treats to the retreat, just send a card & a small gift w/ her & tell her that you will celebrate once she's back? Would that be more to her liking?

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I am not a big jewelry wearer, but I do have nice diamond studs and gold loops that I wear. I kinda go back and forth between the two.

If she isn't really into jewelry, I'd get her something classic that she can wear all the time, like the pearls mentioned before, or studs, basic loops.


If she already has those, then a ring with her birthstone in it could be very nice :)

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