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My child can Write!


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Okay, I will admit it, I had doubts about WWE, and what seems to be a slow approach to writing. I worried so much that I bought an Evan Moor paragraph writing book, because I needed to know that my young 3rd grader could actually write a paragraph. We are using WWE 2 since he would be in 2nd grade if in PS and isn't a strong reader. So anyways, I pulled the Evan Moor workbook out. He didn't have any problem knowing how to identify a topic sentence, so I skipped near the middle, had him pick a topic, write down his supporting facts and then showed him how to indent (which he thinks is silly, and was a new to him concept) the first line. I then walked away and left him. He rocked it!!!!! He wrote about 5 sentences, they all flowed, he used sequence words, adjectives, and even more mind blowing commas!!!

I can't believe I doubted the "classic " method of reading and copying good writing, and I am thrilled with the results. If wouldn't have believed it a week ago, and if you can't tell I am doing the happy dance. I also have to say that I adore AAS. We decided to go through the levels slowly and to not move ahead until he had the rules and concepts down pat, and in the entire paragraph he only had one word misspelled. I need to remember this feeling when I have days when the big yellow bus looks like a good option.

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I love those Ahh haa moments! :)


Heck, the other day I got excited because my 5 year wrote,

"I dot lik mom". So what if he didn't like me that hour; he knows how to form a sentence on his own finally! (We will have to work on that silent e more)


It makes you feel good when your child is progressing and I think that for third grade, your guy is making leaps and bounds!

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