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Imagine my elementary school religion class doing memory work. "His ox, his ass" ... "shall be ****ed" ... hee hee har har - no sir, I am not laughing!


My 5yo was similarly thrilled when she found the word "but" on her sight word list. "Ha ha, it says butt, ha ha, it says butt . . . "




I've been tempted to ask my kids if they are Beavis and Butthead, but they have never heard of B&B and I don't want to encourage them!


ETA, har har, even the forum can't handle . . . er . . . demmed!

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We are working on contractions, and my 7 yr. old just burst into hysterical laughter when having to contract he will. He thinks he's getting away with writing bad word! :D


So you mean he doesn't say the word hello? Oh, he just hasn't written it yet.


Hell-oooo. You don't have to tell him, he'll figure it out. :D



ha-ha . . . I wrote the bad word 3 times already. :tongue_smilie:

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