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"It feels like itchy carpet in my mouth"

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That's what Moose just said to me. Ugh. I'm trying to decided if I should take him in for the (what I'm guesssing) sinus infection he's fighting.




You know that dance that us moms do. Well he's eating a popsicle. But he looks so bad. But he's giggling with his brother. But He's blowing his nose AGAIN.


You know, the whole 'is it just a regular old cold and the trip to the doctor is just going to make me feel better because I paid $30 for the doctor to tell they're fine' or 'I'm so glad I brought him in, it just seems like he's not doing well, he may need some antibiotics'.


But itcy carpet in his mouth doesn't sound good. :001_huh: Perhaps that's gonna tip it more toward going to see the dr...


Being a mom is hard.

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