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AOPS Algebra--online course or independent?

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I really think my DS will like AOPS Algebra--but I want to avoid online classes until he is a little more mature. We have done them last semester--and I had to pretty much supervise the entire time to keep him on task. So if you have done AOPS--how do you like to incorporate it independently--or is this even an option?

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My 10 year old has taken classes through AoPS. It's entirely possible to use the text independently, and the classes certainly aren't necessary. I'd probably use the course outline on the website to build my own syllabus for the text, and I'd schedule watching the videos and using the Alcumus.


The online classes through AoPS do not have an audio component. The instructor types everything, and any responses from students are heavily moderated. There's no off-topic discussion during the class. If a student has a question, and types it into the box, they'll get a private response from one of the class tutors. In that sense, there's very little interaction between students during the classes, if that's one of your concerns. While my son has enjoyed the classes, I don't think they're essential.

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We have done AoPS with the books only, not the online class, because this allows us to work at a slower pace.

It works very well, because the book is written TO the student. Just make sure your student reads all the explanations carefully, even if he got the problem right. I strongly recommend that you buy the solution book as well.

My kids work largely independently with the books.

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