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Anyone care to share 6th grade plans for next year?


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Tax refunds often equal book orders, and I'm looking for inspiration.:)


Here is what I have so far for my rising 6th grader:






Real Science 4 Kids (chem, bio, and phys level 1)



Intermediate language lessons

Write with the best



All Ye Lands



Kolbe 6th grade bible study





Memory work

Classically Catholic Gamma lvl

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This is for my non-classical child. ;)


Easy Grammar 6

Writing supplements

Saxon Math 76

MODG Life Science

Faith & Life 6 and Friendly Defender cards

Golden Children's Bible (1/3)

Our Old World Background (Lepanto Press), Usborne History Enc. and modified WTM methodology and readers

Trail Guide to World Geography

Latina Christiana 1

Seton Art 6


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Here's a whole thread on them from the Logic Stage Board... http://www.welltrainedmind.com/forums/showthread.php?t=338853

but I'll share anyway!


For ds who will be 11 by then...

We're basing nearly everything next year off of the Dangerous Book for Boys, The Dangerous Book of Heroes, and, because we're doing this with dd8, The Daring Book for Girls. For history, physical education, handicrafts and practical living skills, and a fair amount of science plus some language arts, this is our inspiration! We'll add in movies, literature, documentaries, hands-on, etc. and the following:



  • Language Arts: Brave Writer/AO's recommended sequence for language arts; Natural Speller
  • Latin: Either Getting Started with Latin or English From the Roots Up (which is more vocab than actual Latin)
  • Main Math: Math Mammoth Blue series (topical)
  • Supplemental Math: LOF Fractions and Decimals & Percents
  • Science: Notebooking our way through BFSU, finishing vol 1 and then moving into vol 2. I am beefing this up for ds with the Kingfisher Science Encyclopedia, various upper elem level topical books, and some more hands-on.
  • Literature: from various resources

We may read aloud from A Little History of the World once a week to keep everything in context, and because it is a lovely book to read.

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I'm just starting to plan to next year, but here's what I've come up with so far for my rising 6th grader.


MATH - Singapore Math 6A w/ CWP 6



WRITING - CW Homer B and Poetry for Beginners

LITERATURE - lots of library books still tbd

HISTORY - TruthQuest AOR 2 finish and 3

SCIENCE - God's Design for Chemistry and Ecology

LATIN - Latin for Children C

LOGIC - ?? I have a few ideas but no final decision here...

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We "should" be doing :


Math : Teaching Textbook 7

Grammar/Writing : Essential In Writing (or co-op)

Spelling/Vocab : Soaring With Spelling

Reading : Reading Detective

HWT : Zaner-Bloser Cursive

Geo/History : We might continue with Bob Jones if I cannot find anything that is more simpler (don't like all the different books, like TM worktext, etc)

Science : Nancy Larson Science 2 (supplement when needed)


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This is where I am at right now.




Finishing FLL 4 then not sure for grammar, potentially Lingua Mater

Writing With Skill

Getty-Dubay Italic Handwriting practice

Sequential Spelling

Ellen McHenry Excavating English

Lightning Literature 7


Math: Teaching Textbooks 6


History: Continuing with SOTW/Time Travelers CD combo with supplemental reading


Science: Classes at local science museum. I hate teaching science.


Foreign Language: Getting Started with Latin and she has expressed an interest in learning French


Religion: The Treasury of my Catholic Faith 6

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This is my post from the logic board. Maybe if I post on both it will help me stop researching curriculum and stick with this plan ;)


Math: Saxon 7/6 (which we already started) then Saxon 8/7

English: Rod & Staff English 6

Bible: Rod & Staff Grade 6 God's Chosen Family as a Nation and Sonlight Bible

History & Literature: Sonlight Core F

Spelling: Spelling Workout G

Writing: WWS

Language: Rosetta Stone German

Devotional with Dad: Doorposts Plants Grown Up

Science: Sonlight Science F (only one that I am not 100% on), because this year we will be finishing Apologia Human Anatomy and Physiology


Outside activities as of now are: drum lessons, rec basketball, rec soccer

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Here is what we are doing right now for 6th Grade:

Abeka Grammar 6th grade

Wordly Wise 6th grade

Spelling Power - at level I now

Time Traveler's American Revolution

Science: Apologia Zoology & other topics

Math U See: Epsilon

Mindbenders Logic Problems & Fallacy Detective

Cursive, Maps Study, Bible Study for All Ages,

Getting Started with Latin


lots of Reading

Art History, Art Class; Music History

Lots of P.E.: Volleyball, Karate, Soccer, Softball, etc

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Right now my plan is


Teaching Textbooks 6

LOF Fractions and Decimals

Shurley English 6

Wordly Wise 5 and 6

AAS - continue

online writing program, not sure which one


SOTW 1 - probably combined with MOH

Expedition Earth (Geography)


Exploration Education for Science - physical (should have done this year)

Apologia Anatomy


Lively Latin (still thinking on this)

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