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We've been approved to rescue an Australian Shepherd!

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I made the application without a specific doggie in mind so now I need to look through their pages and find one.


Update on our poochon Snickers:

He found a place to poo & pee last night, finally! :D He's avoiding all the place he and Gypsy used to go. And he's feeling better too.

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Oh fun! We had an Aussie years ago. She was a sweet dog.


You should put a link up so we can help you shop!





We went to meet her today. All seven of us. She walked into the room and climbed in my lap. :D


DH said, "I don't need to see the other dog." :001_smile:


Then We met Rosie.. She walked in the room and dropped down on her belly and crawled over to me. She's very sweet, but so very timid. Submission peed.


We brought Snickers back to do a sniff & greet. He growled once, but then they swapped sniffs a couple times more. I think he approves. My mother came back with me. She said if I don't get her she will. :D


Maybe I shouldn't take the first dog I meet? She's still a puppy. A lot more learning to do not to mention the house training. But she's a puppy so we'll have a long time together.


What to name her? Honey, Sugar, Lucy, ....... Tonight's dinner discussion was very animated. I think it should be a candy name. But I don't know what.


Tomorrow at 1 p.m. we call back to hear if they agree that she's a match.

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We have an Aussie (possibly mix) and she is GREAT. They do NEED EXERCISE though. Ours can easily handle a 4 mile walk and have energy left over. Ours runs around with the horses outside, plays with the cat and chickens, and then comes in the house and crashes for a while.

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