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So glad I chose not to send my kids to our local schools

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We live rural so there are a total of 3 public and 3 private schools our kids could attend without having to drive for 45 minutes to the other nearest to us schools..


DH is a teacher and last year was working at one of the private schools. This year he is working for the education department as a consultant setting up various programs in the schools in our area to help school retention numbers (low socio-economic area where way too many kids drop out by 9th grade).


Anyway because of his position he knows and hears a lot about what is going on in all the schools. Today he walked in at lunchtime and thanked me profusely for HS our kids - just today they had a report of a girl that was raped by two boys and another child that was sexually molested by an older child in another school.


Last year at the private school that my DH taught at he knew a girl there had been raped on school grounds - all the kids were talking about it - but the girl would not admit to it and he could do nothing about it (he tried but everyone said the same thing about the girl having to admit it first).


This is supposed to be Australia where this type of thing is not common - but it is - it's just so hidden.


My DH knows so many stories that would make parents toes curl if only they knew what was really going on in these schools.


I had a really bad day homeschooling today but I totally felt grateful and remembered why I was doing this when DH told me about this.


Those poor kids.

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