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If you finished up WWE2, but your dc was still a little shaky with narations


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Did you not move on to WWE3 and spend more time on narrations, or did you move on to WWE3, but continue to work on narrations at other times?


We do narrations for history and all the ones that are in FLL3.


Today we did the Week 36 evaluation for WWE2, and I had to coach a narration from her. I have to coach them out of her for every one we do. I'm beginning to think I'm doing it wrong?


Here is her narration for the passage from Peter Pan used for the evaluation:


"Peter Pan put fairy dust on the children and they could fly. He got a warning from the littlest star that it was time to go, because the parents were coming. The parents were too late, the children had already left."


We got that from me asking her what happened first, what happened after that, what happened at the end? She is one of those that wants to give you every detail, and we have been working on deciding what the most important parts are. It doesn't feel like we are getting very far with that. :tongue_smilie:


She also gets mad because I ask her younger sister to name one thing she remembers from what we read, but I ask her to tell me about what we read. She wants an exact number of sentences, and will always ask me if it is just two or three.


Any thoughts and suggestions? Thanks so much!

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I wonder if she just needs a little time to mature. You could take a break from this type of narrating and try a more casual approach such as, "Tell your dad what you learned in science today" then pick up WWE3 next year.


I start formal writing in 4th grade. My dd is working through 2 lessons of WWE2 a day and doing well.

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