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Will more money fix our public education system?

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They all waste HUGE amounts of money doing things they DON'T need to do....the money that is spent just on replacing textbooks too frequently, replacing ALL of their stuff every time a new "initiative" is decided on, or they "adopt" some new program, or the state decides to revise their state test...I used to work for an educational publishing company..that is when I became aware of how much money is spent on new curriculum initiatives and new tests, and yearly testing and scoring. It is a huge amount of money...most of it completely unnecessary to spend. And it is big business ! There is a lot of competition for sales between companies and they are all always pushing their latest "improvements". The educational publishers profit from the constant cycles of politics and the way the education system is always "reforming". It's like a corporation that keeps hiring new executives and every new CxO that comes in starts some "new initiative" that costs millions of dollars -the spending in schools is similar. It's ridiculous.

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that adds to the discussion.




And, for those interested, Waiting for Superman is another:http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1566648/


Thanks for the link Ester Maria.





This was probably linked at some point, the Kansas City experiment is mentioned, too. (Disregard the emphasis on testing in the video and focus on the money side of the story.)

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