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Life of Fred Elementary books

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My 8YO (halfway through Singapore Math 3B, and finding that level pretty easy going, just as a point of reference) just finished LoF: Butterflies this morning. We are not among those who breeze through the LoF books; he started Apples shortly after the elementary books first came out, as we find a lot of math (and other good stuff to play with) found in these books.


His reaction, upon finishing Butterflies this morning:


MOM!!! Later when I get bigger, there are TWO LEVELS of ALGEBRA to learn, then something called TRIGONOMETRY and another book called CALCULUS!!! But I have to get bigger and learn a lot more math first!!! Can we get going and do some more math please today?????


He knows his older brother is using LoF as his primary math program. We were previewing the rest of his Singapore 3B book together, and he saw the chapter on fractions coming up, and said, "Oh, so I'll get to do Fraction like Luke did in Fred!


Gotta love that kind of enthusiasm :)

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Thanks LOF as the search term did the trick !


NittanyJen - that is adorable I am hoping to use these for my 5 year old who is in K. He is exactly like you mentioned - always trying to catch up and do what his older brother is doing. When he was in preschool which followed the Montessori method he went up to his teacher and demanded that he be taught Multiplication just because his brother had started doing it :-)

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