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The Iowa Algebra Aptitude Test...


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Thought I'd check with the hive and see if any of you have used this test as a guage for whether or not your DC were ready for Algebra. My DD is finishing up a pre-algebra class right now (using Holt). I've heard such wonderful things about CLE 7 that I went ahead an ordered it. Now that I've had the opportunity to look through the curriculum I think she knows the majority of the material.


I guess I'm just trying to figure out if CLE 7 is sooo good (includes tons of geometry, etc) that we should go ahead and use it, or if I should simply place her in Algebra 1. I definitely want her mad math skillz to be solid, and I believe in plenty of practice to help solidify skills, but at the same time I'm wondering if she wouldn't be a tad bored using the CLE.


All this to say... since I'm worried about her not being "ready" for Algebra 1, I thought I would give her the Iowa Algebra Aptitude Test to see how she placed.


If she scores well on the test, can I correctly assume that she is ready for Algebra 1 and place her accordingly?


FWIW, she's 11 and finishing up 6th grade this year...

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We've used it. I think it's a good tool, but not the be-all-end-all algebra indicator. The test sections are timed, and my dc complained that they weren't able to finish due to limited time (that is... they would have gotten all the answers correct if they hadn't been timed). So if you have a slow-and-steady-type worker, the IAAT might not be the best fit.



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