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blog question - names

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I'm thinking of starting a blog so that family and friends can see exactly what we do (when I actually officially start homeschooling) and why we do it. I've noticed that a lot of people don't use their children's names in their blogs, though, and instead use nicknames or just initials.


Right now my intentions are to just let my family and friends read my blog so I'm not worried about using my children's names, but what if someday I really want the "world" to see it? What's really the harm in using actual names (as long as I don't use our last name)? I know there are privacy issues, but what's your reasoning (if you have a blog and don't use actual names) for using nicknames or initials? What am I not realizing? TIA!

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I use my name, but not my son or dh's names. I don't assume it's completely private, but it's a layer of privacy my dh asked to maintain. People that know us know their names.


I operate under the assumption anything posted online is not truly private. In that respect I also don't post pictures of my house or my exact location.


I also wouldn't want future employers of ds's rummaging through our blog to see what ds was up to in 4th grade, kwim.

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I just refer to my son or daughter. My name is also not on my blog. I have never posted a picture of my children either. I use lots of photos, just not of my kids. I have asked any friends who post to not mention my kids by name for privacy issues.


I used to be a prosecutor, and I just am not comfortable with that someone would have private, "identifiable" information on my kids. I'm a bit paranoid though...


Here's my blog if you would like to see an example.




Good Luck!

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I just use the names of my kids. I've thought of changing it, but I've been blogging for about 5 years now so the cat is out of the bag so to speak.


I also am not so worried about the privacy thing. I figure if someone really wants to find me or cause us harm they'll find a way even if I didn't blog.

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