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What do you guys laminate?

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Ha ha... I started a thread like this a year or so ago. I couldn't figure it out. But I bought a laminator for cheap and love it. I don't use it for a ton of things, but I use it for printable board games and game pieces. Sometimes I laminate my kids' artwork to make it last. We use workboxes so I laminated the numbers for the drawers. We have a calendar on the wall so I laminated the calendar pieces,... just little things like that.

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I use mine for Bible verses and other memory work. I print them out, mount them to a pretty sheet of scrapbook paper, then laminate. They sit in my Sonlight basket until we have them memorized, then I put them on the wall at the bottom of the stairs leading to the schoolroom. It makes it more durable than just a loose sheet hanging around in my Sonlight basket and then it's ready for display when it's memorized.

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