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Singapore Math - standards edition ?'s

Laura in STL

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I know the standards vs. US edition question has been discussed before, and I have read many of those threads in the past. My question is slightly different, in that I have already used the entire US series with my oldest, who is finishing 6B right now on grade level. He is quite mathematical, and it has been great for him. My main concern is that for 5th and 6th grade I have not found the HIG's to be particularly helpful. In my son's case he usually teaches himself the concepts with the text/workbook. He rarely needs an alternative explanation from me to understand the material.


However, I'm not sure about my dd, who is currently in 4B also on grade level. She requires more explaination, which is fine right now, but I'm not so sure about levels 5 and 6. I would prefer more help teaching those levels. Is the HIG so much better in standards edition that it would be worth switching for her? Also, would the switch be smooth or would there be many unfamiliar concepts from earlier in the series? She is very good with basic operations, knows all her facts, but is easily frustrated. I really want the next two years before pre-algebra and algebra to go smoothly for her.


Will a switch to standards help? Or should I consider another program altogether?

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I have heard such good things here about MM, that it was my first thought when I started thinking about this. So today I went to the website to check it out. I was kind of bothered by some terminology that I saw, specifically "borrowing across zeros". I'm not a fan of this term; I prefer to use "renaming". My daughter is a verbal kid, and the terms matter with her. It affects the way she thinks about a concept. She has already learned this concept, but I wonder if this would carry over into other areas, "reducing" fractions, for example? That's what inspired me to start this thread, actually. Maybe I should go back and take another look at the MM site.

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