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Has anyone here used the MFW personal finance course? questions...

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Would you please share with me a little how the lessons are laid out--with the lesson plans that come with the program. Is it set up to be read daily, weekly???


Is is separated into an 18 week course?


Are their directions on how to go about presenting the program and when to use each book?


And overall, what did you think of the course? Of Money, Possesions and Eternity???


I just realized that this is a 500 page book and is quite meaty.


Any opinions, experiences, or advice is welcome.


I'm looking at this and Charting a Course in Youth from rodandstaffbooks.com I'm thinking that Charting a Course may be better directed towards youth, and that MPE may be better directed towards an adult??? I could be wrong...




Dee :)

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disclaimers to help understand my answer...


*I've skimmed and read most of Money, Eternity and Possessions.

*I just bought the rest of MFW course about a week ago - haven't started it yet, but I can answer about the lay out.


The Alcorn book - can be easy to get all worked up about if you don't read an entire section. He gives examples of how he and his wife decided to do stuff, but doesn't lay it down as this is the only way to do it. Book was written originally during the "health and wealth" gospel and "name it and claim it" time in the late 80's. So, it's my opinion that the book is coming from the point of view of those ideas are extreme. giving up everything is another extreme.... where's the balance to remember it all belongs to God without being in total extremes.

Some of his stuff I agree. Some I don't.

If I get brave, I'll try to search for an older post of mine on this forum about some specifics.


The lesson planner:

one semester credit

plan to work 4 days a week.

Each day:

1. read the Bible passage in the planner (verses selected from the Gospels, deal with money)

2. and one of the other 2 books (Alcorn, or the workbook). You may decide to complete the books one at a time or you may alternate between the two.


So there is a little bit of toggling in the short planner..

section one is 12 weeks of Bible verses. a small section per day on the topic of money/possessions. each of those weeks has 4 days. There's a little check line to mark off that you read it and keep track.


I plan to go through that section and make another line to write in "read one of the books". I know my child will need that.


Then, it lists the chapters for money matters.


and then last section is for Alcorn book. It says "As you read, interact with the book. Underline and write your comments in the books. You may not agree with all of the author's ideas. When you finish a chapter, discuss your views with parent......"


then it lists out chapters and reminders about the study guide sections.


so my guess is that we'll do Bible reading, then a chapter.... and by the time the 12 weeks of Bible readings are completed, (those are devotional length because of course other Bible is done in the US1 or US2 program) then we'll still have readings left from the other books.


I think I counted 56 reading sessions from both books combined. But then again it might be the case that it will take more than one day to do some chapters. So, I think they're recommending 17 weeks at 4 days a week to complete the course.




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I'm looking at this and Charting a Course in Youth from rodandstaffbooks.com I'm thinking that Charting a Course may be better directed towards youth, and that MPE may be better directed towards an adult??? I could be wrong...




Dee :)


hmm... not sure... The Burkett Workbook is the teen book. The ideas in MPE by Alcorn... well.. lots of food for thought. Honestly, it's stuff that I want to present to my daughter before she leaves the house. I can see why MFW recommends this in junior year 2nd semester or senior year fall semester .



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Thank you so much!!! This was exactly what I wanted to know. While I definitely am planning on purchasing the MPE book--for all of us to read and learn, I think I'm going to save that for his own personal reading and not as a course. He will probably read it before entering college.


I think I'll still use the workbook from Larry Burkett, and the Charting Your Course for the actual teaching on personal finances. He is going to have some other heavy courses, and I want him to have a few lighter ones to balance everything out.






ps no final decisions yet, but this is where it looks like it's going. It may change once I order the books and have a look at them here in my hands. ;)

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now you have me trying to look at the Charting Your Course book... off to look at that..


I don't know... part of me thinks... ok... Burkett workbook, plus have daughter track all of my business and deductions and use tax act... and and ..... then that fafsa stuff.





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