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I have a quarter of a head of cabbage...

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Cabbage is great in a stir fry with other veggies.


Also I am eating coleslaw right now for lunch. For dressing a use a blend of Walden Farms 0 cal coleslaw dressing, (2 T) mixed with Marie Calendars coleslaw dressing, (1 T). Not sure if there is mayo in that, but it make a great side dish for lunch and is only 2 WW points.

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I chop it up with carrots and green peppers for my own version of cole slaw w/out mayo. I use rasberry italian instead. I actually can't think of the name. I can just see the bottle in my head. It is good though.


Chop it up and add to a regular salad.


Or throw it in just about any soup you are making. We have even added it to Ramen. We are big cabbage eaters here. And if you are going to have Ramen, you are going to get veggies with it anyway!

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Cut it into thin slices and saute it in butter with salt and pepper and a bit of onion. While it's cooking, boil some noodles. Mix the two together. There are lots of variations of this, but if you have 1/4 head of cabbage, you can make enough for a side dish for your family's dinner.

I get the cabbage started, cooking slowly so it doesn't get all brown, and then start the water for noodles. When they're done, the cabbage is ready. For 1/4 head of cabbage, I'd use a few handfuls of noodles.

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