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High school science?

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Can anyone compare the material covered in Apologia vs Abeka?


For example, do you need to use chem 1 and Chen 2 of apologia to cover the same material as Abeka chem? What about the other subjects?


ETA: I think I researched this already a bit back - but I can't find the info now and don't remember anything more than being okay with Apologia if it was working for the student.

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Which begs the question why don't many use Abeka?


Wayyyy back before I actually ever had a high schooler, I swore I'd never use Abeka or Apologia. (ahh, remember that? It was like parenting opinions before you have kids, yes?:D)


These are simply the most affordable and easy to use materials I have found so far.

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Good question - I know many use A-beka for elementary school years, but a lot drop it for high school. No idea why.


I wish I had known about Apologia as we would likely have used all their books in elementary school years. Yes I remember how brilliant I used to be before I had my daughter!!! And before I homeschooled, I wondered why anyone would want to do that to their child .. :lol:


In the elementary school years, I used books which were mostly $5.99 or so and an expensive book was $8.99 or even $12.99 for Core Knowledge. I remember how hard it was to get over the cost for Saxon as that was the first hugely expensive book we bought. :lol: Now I'm in college bookstores looking at used prices close to $200 ... :tongue_smilie:

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I can tell you why I don't use ABeka science. Using Abeka textbooks in the middle school years made my science loving boy turn into a science hater. Moving to Apologia has turned him back into a science lover who reads voraciously on the subject. This year we've added a science tutor who has sparked that love even more by taking the material in Apologia and helping him to see the relevance of what he is reading.

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