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Brazilian Butt Lift

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I never used the cardio dvd in this program, so I cannot speak to that.


The Bum Bum dvd does have some jumping in it, but there is someone showing modified moves, so it is easy to eliminate any and all jumping. As Leandro says, "Jumping is not for everybody."


I really like Sculpt (allover body), Bum Bum (not true cardio, but a bit more so), and High & Tight.

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I did the cardio and liked it. It is a fun latin style dance workout. It's not particularly difficult, but it got my heart beating. I like harder cardio workouts than this provided, but it was amusing.


The butt workout spends a lot of time on all fours. If you have wrist or shoulder issues then consider that. It also has some squats etc. They suggest you use ankle weights, but you don't have to.


I didn't do the whole body weight workout.


I think the 30 min workout that is focused on the butt does what it says it will do. I think the other stuff was tossed in to make it a 'complete' workout. If you don't have other cardio or muscle work that you like, it will do just fine. If you already have a cardio preference and are using weights etc on a regular basis then you are better off spending your money on a pilates or yoga DVD that is butt focused.

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It's a very good workout, but I just wanted to warn you to be very careful if you're thinking of buying it from eBay or an Amazon Third Party Seller, because there are TONS of fakes out there.


The bootlegs often look absolutely authentic, and even include all of the ancillary materials like the stretchy band and the little guide book, so it's almost impossible to tell whose is real and whose is fake until it's sitting right in front of you. (And even then, you might not know, unless the DVDs don't work.)


If you go with eBay, check the seller's feedback and if he's selling a ton of the same title, or is selling every popular DVD under the sun, beware. Also check the seller's feedback, because some of them are smart and only list the same item once every week or two, and say they got it as a gift but didn't use it... but their feedback can often show you the pattern. On Amazon, be wary of the "just launched" sellers.


Personally, I would recommend that you buy it from QVC. The price is nothing to write home about, but at least you know it's legit, the shipping is quick, and best of all, if you hate it, you can return it.


Let us know if you get it!

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