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How do I contact Admin?

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I have been trying to send a PM to "admin" for a few days, but it never shows up in my SENT box. So I assume it's not going through.


I'd like to ask someone to alter my sign in name. I thought I chose a clever one (as plain ol Lakshmi was taken) but turns out there's no ~ option on my smartphone, so I can't sign in from my phone. I'd like someone to alter my sign-in name so I can use my phone - but I can't seem to PM admin successfully.


Any suggestions? Thanks!


PS - I posted on the technical board for several days, but no one seems to read it, so I was told to try here.


PPS - I also tried PMing Moderator (who posts the stickies) but that does not show up in my sent folder, either.

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Just found this in the board rules:


Choose your Username Carefully

If we respond to username change requests, we do so at a snail's pace. Don't be surprised if it takes more than 6 months, if at all. We strongly suggest you do not include your location or the number of children you have in your username as those things tend to change.

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