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Anyone ever use Words Their Way?

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I used Words Their Way when my older son started reading on his own at age 3. It's basically a word study method where you study groups of similar words. You start out by giving the child a placement test, and then it tells you where to go from there. They have many word sort games and phonics games in the program. I made up a bunch of word sorts and word games and laminated them and played them with my kids, nieces and nephews. It really helped the younger ones to pick up reading and phonics.


For example, one of their favorite games was a board game where you had to advance your playing piece to the end of the path. On squares along the path were pictures of things that began with th, sh or ch. You picked a card that had either th, sh or ch on it and advanced to the closest picture that represented that sound.


The word sorts started out very simply, like sorting 3 letter words into whether they were short a or short e sounds. Then you moved up to more complicated sorts, like differentiating between words that started with sm and words that started with sp. Then you moved on to things like sorting words that ended in -ear into piles of hear or bear sounds for example.


The book came with a CD-rom or something like that that had the games and sorts that you could just print out.

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