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Help me diagnose WWE issue


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I am several weeks into WWE 3 with my soon-to-be 8yo son. He is a bit young for it, technically in 2nd grade now, but he had no trouble with WWE 2 so we moved on.


The issue he is having is that he has a hard time remembering facts about a given passage if he reads it to himself. If I read it to him, he does very well. But there is something about reading it alone that doesn't work for him.


So is this a maturity issue? Or could it be that he is more auditory than visual? Anyone have any ideas?


For the time being, I have gone back to just reading passages to him and sometime in the future we will try going back to independent reading.

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Have you tried having him read it twice? My older son needed to read the passages twice many times to retain the story. My 6 year old is doing WWE3 right now, and he too sometimes needs to reread stories. My rule is "if you get 2 questions wrong, then you need to go back and reread the passage." This has also helped him read more carefully the first time ;)

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