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Meal Suggestions Needed

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I need to take a lunch tomorrow to a friend who had a baby. I've got to tutor in the morning and go to a short appointment before going to her house. I will have to take the food with me to the appointment.


She has 5 kids besides the baby (14 and younger) and said there were not dietary restrictions or foods to avoid. What could I make early in the morning and keep warm (if needed) and take to her house? I'm going to be on the road about an hour before I actually reach her home. I have 1 crockpot and 1 cooler that's not huge.


Any good suggestions?

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We liked having pizza delivered because we can never afford it. Everyone makes pasta and chicken. I like to take something different.


Hummus platter

Falafel or meatballs







Fresh fruit is awesome


Italian Roast Sandwiches

1 big roast in a crockpot

1 regular or 1/4 to half costco jar of pepperconi with liquid

Cook till it shreds

serve on rolls with provolone or Havarti

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I do a shredded beef in the crock-pot.


2-3 lb beef chuck roast

1 envelope Good Seasons Italian dressing mix

1 bottle of beer, or 12 oz beef broth


Dump it all in the crock-pot and cook on low for 8-10 hours. Shred it, add some of the juice, and serve on sandwich rolls. Take along some veggies or fruit and you're good to go.


It might be too late to start this now, but if I can I put it in the crock-pot and let it cook overnight, then shred it in the morning.

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To make it easier on the mom, don't leave dishes behind that she has to return to you if at all possible.


A big sandwich platter was always appreciated at our house. Chinese takeout was another nice surprise.


Can you ask her if they have any particular cravings? Once, after I had surgery, I promise the best tasting meal was a BBQ sandwich from a local joint, complete with greasy fries.

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My family has always enjoyed basic things like sub sandwiches and pizza. Those are the sorts of things that everyone makes the same way and kids will eat without protest.


I delivered two 9x13 pans of ground turkey enchiladas to a family once and later heard that threw them out because they didn't eat ground turkey (even though they said they didn't have any dislikes when I inquired). I had a friend bring lasagna after one of our babies was born and my kids wouldn't touch it -- she made it with cottage cheese.

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I am pressed for time but like the sandwich ideas. I'm going to make my homemade sloppy joes, take along chips, fresh fruit, and homemade brownies.

I think that will be kid-friendly fare.


I would love to try the beef sandwich ideas. My kids don't really like roast beef at all. I'm wondering if one of these flavors would help them like it better.

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