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Need diagramming/parsing help!

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The noun phrase stands on what looks like a music stand with the=article adjective, was=linking verb, half=adjective, full=predicate adjective.


Kind of like this one: http://homeworktips.about.com/od/englishhomework/ss/diagram_3.htm.



Yes! I was trying to think of how to describe the drawing for the diagram, and you found a great one. Great link!

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I see this as:



Dad is the subject.

Said is the verb.


(That) the glass is half full is a noun clause, functioning as a direct object. The word *that* is implied, or understood.


In the clause, the (art.) glass (subj) was (l.v.) half (adj.) full (PA)


Ah...I see it now. I was thinking it was a noun clause that serves as a D.O. but the indirect quote was throwing me off. If I had changed the sentence to Dad gave a half full glass, the D.O. becomes obvious. :tongue_smilie:


My son initially picked out "was" for the predicate and I couldn't figure out how to explain why it wasn't...Again, the Hive comes through!

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