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?apologia biology mod. 7 DNA extraction experiment

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WE are in module 7 and will be doing the DNA extration with the split peas. I am just wondering as towhat type of split peas to use. Are frozen peas acceptable? Canned peas? Dried, splited peas? Just not sure what to use and would love some advice.



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That's the site I used also, cbollin. :)


I also put the alcohol in the fridge to get it really cold. I used 91% isopropyl alcohol as I read somewhere that a higher percentage would work better, and that it would also do better if the alcohol was cold.


We had instant results,





but this is what it looked like about 20 - 30 minutes later.



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you totally rock!


oh.. that reminds me, I was going to contact you about some suggestions on General module 12 experiments. check your PM...




oh my! okay. :D Thanks!


I never notice if I have a PM on here, so thanks. I check in rarely, and once found a PM several weeks old. :tongue_smilie:

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